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An Introduction

July 20, 2011

Welcome to this site! I won’t spend my time on formalities and so I’ll get right to the point: this site is about intelligent design, evolution, and biological origins. I will examine the arguments used by both sides of the table, and I’ll try to add some originality to the debate.
I am personally convinced that certain features of life indicate that an intelligence was involved in their origin. And there is a reason for my convictions, and I will defend those reasons on this site.

Every now and then I will delve into the tangled, mumbo-jumbo world of technical terminology. If you suddenly feel like you have no idea what I am talking about, the following first-aid instructions might help you:

1) Relax, and take a deep breath. Don’t panic, and don’t become scared and run away from the post.

2) If, after several minutes, you simply cannot grasp what I am (trying) to say, then drop a comment and I’ll answer it as soon as possible.

I encourage civil debate on this cite, in the comments section. But keep it civil.

Now, onto other matters. How about defining ‘intelligent design’?

In general, whenever this site refers to ‘intelligent design’ what is meant is this definition of biological intelligent design:
The idea of biological intelligent design posits that certain features of the biological world are better explained by an intelligent cause rather than a purely mindless process.

Darwinian evolution basically consists of random mutation and natural selection, both of which are mindless processes. The majority of biologists hold the opinion that random mutation and natural selection alone is capable of explaining all the present diversity of life. But intelligent design proponents disagree with this view. Within the simplest cell, intelligent design proponents see biological functions that Darwinian mechanisms would have a hard time making.

Essentially, we have two competing paradigms: on the one hand, the mainstream biological community holds that all of the present diversity of life can be explained by purely Darwinian mechanisms. And on the other hand there are those intelligent design proponents who disagree with this view. Which view is correct? The scientist who is willing to follow the evidence, wherever it leads, will no doubt eventually find the truth.

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