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Welcome to The Genome’s Tale! The theme of this site is an exploration of intelligent design, evolution, and biological origins.

The author of this site holds that certain features of the biological world are more adequately explained by an intelligent cause rather than a mindless process. I call this the idea of biological intelligent design. I am convinced that, through out this world of life, there are clues and hints that suggest that sometime in the past an intelligent agent or agents was involved in the origin of certain features of life. All of those who are sincerely interested the truth about biological origins may be likened to detectives who searching for a little trace of evidence here, and another here, a deduction here, until at last a theory of what took place at a crime scene may emerge. And so too, life tells us a story of what occurred in the past. The genome of all organisms is a history book, a document containing the secrets to the history of life: the genome tells a tale, yet the meaning of that tale has yet to be fully elucidated.

Dogmatists on both sides of the fence are dangerous to the pursuit of scientific truth; what we want are individuals who are keenly interested in the truth about biological origins, and nothing but the truth.

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