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Some sites you should check out:

1. The Design Matrix. A blog run by Mike Gene on the subject of intelligent design. He offers a really unique perspective to the debate over biological origins.

2. UncommonDescent. The Intelligent Design community’s main blog.

3. TalkOrigins. A site that has a large volume of quality articles, many of which are critical of intelligent design arguments.

4. Telic Thoughts. Another blog on intelligent design.

5. The Panda’s Thumb. One of the main blogs of the Darwinian community.

6. Biologic Institute. Another intelligent design website.

7. Evolution News and Views. Run by many of the ‘main’ intelligent design proponents.

8. The RNA Underworld. A blog by Dr. Arthur Hunt. When it doesn’t concern itself with issues unrelated to intelligent design, it contains some really insightful posts critical of intelligent design.


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